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The Three Rules


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The Three Rules of IAWA

The Three Rules of IAWA
by Robert Viscusi, president

In 1991, the writers who founded the Italian American Writers surveyed and discussed the situation of Italian American writing for two years. Out of these discussions came three principles of action: "the three rules of IAWA."

Read one another
Readers reading writers weave a literature.

Write or be written
Writers define realities.

Buy our books
Buying books builds better writers.

These rules have guided the association’s policies since that time. The application of these rules shapes IAWA’s past, present, and future. For each rule, this site gives an account in three parts.


1. Till Now: How this rule came to be articulated and what IAWA has done with it up to the present.

2. Now. How this rule guides IAWA in its current plans.

3. The Future. How IAWA expects the application of this rule to contribute to the development of Italian America.

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